Retreats generally means going in to the nature by giving pause to daily busy life and being recharged and relaxed. Yoga retreats means being in to the nature and peaceful place getting self-recharged and relaxed with Yogic practices where environment, food, company of other participants and Yoga teacher’s energy play vital role to make one recharged.

Yoga Retreats in Nepal with us probably the best yoga experience for you! We are assured on our retreat’s faculties and Yoga experience which we share in our Yoga retreats in Nepal. We offer both types of Yoga retreats in Nepal Traditional method of Yoga retreats and modern types of Yoga retreat. In our Traditional types of Yoga retreats we take you to the Buddhist monasteries and Yoga Ashram where our main purpose is to learn, practice and deepen the Yoga in to our life where simple food, simple stay and deep practice of Yoga are offered whereas in our modern types of yoga retreats we offer luxurious peaceful Yoga Place, luxurious food, relaxing and  mind blowing Yoga.

Nepal is known as the Land of Yoga from where the Yoga was originated. The land itself is powerful with physical and cosmos energy where one can easily get deep connection with oneself. In Nepal natural beauties, calmness in energy, peaceful and beautiful Mountains and Himalayas as well as Spiritual energy spread around help us to be recharged and relaxed.We are a team of experienced Yoga teachers and masters from different part of the world including Nepal and Indian.  We have certain fix departure yoga retreats as well as tailor made Yoga retreats programs. We are open minded, understanding and caring team of Yogis and Yoginis have been serving Yoga retreats as well as different yogic programs specially in Nepal. All level Welcome! Namaste